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Project Location: San Joaquin, Pasig City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 30 sqm to 58 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.8 M to Php 7.4 M


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The Rochester By Empire East

The Rochester Pasig is a multiclustered residential address where both mid-rise and high-rise towers are available to satisfy one's longing to live a good life. Rochester is Centered in a residential community along Elisco Road in Pasig City, this gated address comes amazingly close to all the business district in Ortigas and Makati making one attend to various business engagements at his own convenience.

Not only that, the condominium internal functional amenities like jogging trails, basketball courts and swimming pools with world-class design automatically enables each dweller to have the unlimited chance to bask in rejuvenation after each busy day.

Indeed, living at Rochester condominium means having that lifetime chance to live, love and laugh with the family and friends. pasig condominium for sale, rochester pasig condo,pasig condo,condominium for sale,rochester pasig is affordable , also know as rochester.affordable condo in pasig.

Not everyone who works in the Ortigas and Makati CBD have the luxury of living within the areas or even near them, and most will just choose to rent apartments or rooms just so they do not have to deal with all the dreadful traffic during rush hours. The reason for this is that property prices in those areas are at a premium and many working class people could not afford to live in those CDBs.

However, Rochester by Empire East Land Holdings wants to put an end to this problem by providing affordable living spaces that are quite near the bustling business districts of the metro. Empire East is one of the few big real estate development companies whose target market is mainly the middle working class citizens. The company knows that the common working person could not afford to live near the places where they work, which is why it strives to provide beneficial living conditions for reasonable prices.

The Rochester is the company’s latest project, and it is located in a residential area in Pasig City, right in a place that is just a couple of minutes away from the Ortigas Business District, and just half an hour away from Makati. The Rochester is a gated community consisting of several clusters of mid-rise and high-rise condominium buildings.

Currently, four towers are under construction, and every one of them will contain units that range in size from 24.5 square meters to 45 square meters. At the time of writing, the units are under preselling status, and if you are thinking of waiting until the last minute, most of the units that were up for preselling are gone now, so you should make up your mind as soon as you can.

You can choose from several different types of condominium units in the Rochester. Whether you are a single professional who wants a place that is near your place of employment, or you have your own family and you want a place that is near all of the things that you will ever need, you will find the perfect living condition here at the Rochester.

To give you an idea on what it would be like to live in Rochester, here are some details about the suites available. If you live alone and you don’t need that much room to feel right at home, you should consider getting the one-bedroom suite. These units measure between 24 square meters to just above 30 square meters each and though it may seem as if the units are too small for even one person, they are quite cleverly designed that you can actually have a decent dining space and living area.

Aside from the efficient floor plan, the one-bedroom units come with a complete bathroom, a kitchen with modest counter space and provisions for a refrigerator and stove. The bedroom itself is quite spacious as well. There is enough space in the room for a queen-sized bed, so it is also a good place to live for couples.

On the other hand, not that many people are satisfied with just 30 square meters of living space. With floor areas of at least 36 square meters each, the two-bedroom suites are the perfect choice for small families or for officemates who want to share living expenses. These suites are identical in layout with the one-bedroom suite but the only obvious difference is that these have two bedrooms.

Both bedrooms are about the same size and can fit a queen-sized bed or a double-decker bedframe in case you have young children who live with you. If you are in need of even more space and more rooms, you need to check out the three-bedroom suites. These suites are great for medium-sized families, like a couple with two to three children.

As mentioned, these suites have three bedrooms, one Master’s, a regular-sized bedroom, and a smaller one. The Master’s bedroom has its own bathroom, which is great because it means you won’t have to fall in line just to use the bathroom. The residents of the other two rooms can share the common T&B.

In case you still need more room than what the regular three-bedroom suites can provide, you can avail of the combined units. These are two units (one two-bedroom suite and a one-bedroom suite) with the dividing wall taken down and the two units are used as one. These units still have three bedrooms each but the total floor area is much bigger than the regular three-bedroom.

Empire East The Rochester in Pasig City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase The Rochester, then check here first. We have full details of The Rochester updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

The Rochester - Location & Vicinity

The Rochester is located at San Joaquin, Pasig City.

As mentioned before, the Rochester is located in a prime area that is quite near every business district in Metro Manila. The great thing about Rochester is that it is just a couple of minutes away from C.P. Garcia Avenue  (C-5), which means you are only moments away from the different business hubs of the metro. For instance, you can head on down south so you can find Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City. You can also cross the highway to hit Bonifacio Global City. A couple more minutes of driving from there and you will find yourself in the middle of Makati City.

If you are a young professional who works in one of those places mentioned, you will like living in Rochester because you do not have to deal with rush hour traffic anymore. Besides its close proximity to different CBDs, if you live in Rochester, you will not have a hard time looking for a hospital and other urgent care facilities in case you do need them.

For instance, just a couple of minutes away from the main gate of the community, you will find Mary’s Infant General Hospital, a private facility that has all of the basic equipment and staff that allows them to treat almost any kind of ailment of injury. Other hospitals that are nearby Rochester include the Delfin Salonga Health Center (for simple checkups and medical advice), the Sta. Ana Health Center, and the Bagong Katipunan Health Center. You can also find numerous other specialty clinics that can provide you with all of the medical services that you can think of.

If you are looking for good schools for your grade school children to go to, there are quite a lot of them that you can choose from, like the San Joaquin Kalawaan High School and Elementary School that are within walking distance of the condominium complex. If you are looking for institutions for higher learning, then you can check out the ones that are in Bonifacio Global City, like STI College BGC Campus, the University of the Philippines Fort Bonifacio Campus, Enderun College, and many others.

Rochester is not just the ideal residence for working aged people; even students will love living here. Now, if you are a shopaholic, you do not have to worry about withdrawal symptoms, as you are less than an hour and a half away from some of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the country.

Once you hit C-5, just head south for a few kilometers and you will reach Eastwood City, a commercial complex that houses dozens of restaurants, boutiques and several malls. If you want bargains, you can head over to Tiendesitas, a collection of stalls that sell everything from pet supplies, native products, and many more. On the other hand, if you are looking for something a bit more upscale, you can go northbound on C-5 until you hit McKinley Hill. Here, you will find the Venetian Grand Canal Mall where you can indulge in some high-end shopping.


  • Super 8 Supermarket - 0.23 km
    Empress Travel Tours - 0.43 km
    Puregold San Joaquin Pasig - 0.58 km
    Puregold Jr Malinao - 0.62 km
    Pasig Public Market - 1.05 km


  • Andoks Lechon Manok - 0.29 km
  • IceCreamhouse sa Pasig - 0.34 km
  • Iggys Grille - 0.50 km
  • CloudFarm Produce Vape Ejuice Technical Hobby Shop - 0.55 km
  • Ados Panciteria - 0.60 km


  • San Joaquin Kalawaan High School - 0.11 km
  • San Joaquin Elementary School - 0.13 km
  • St. William School of Pasig - 0.32 km
  • Sixto Antonio Elementary School - 0.37 km
  • Dr. Sixto Antonio School - 0.39 km


  • Marys Infant General Hospital - 0.40 km
  • Delfin Salonga Health Center - 0.65 km
  • Sumilang Super Health Center - 0.87 km
  • Sta. Ana Health Center - 0.88 km
  • Bagong Katipunan Health Center - 0.97 km
The Rochester Location

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Basketball Ground


Play Ground

Play Ground

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The Rochester

The Rochester

The Rochester - Features & Amenities

Although the Rochester is located in a prime spot that is accessible to almost everything that you might ever need, it still provides quite a lot of amenities that help ensure that the residents will no longer want to leave the compound at all. Even though the Rochester caters to mostly working class individuals, the facilities inside the community are top-notch. It will leave you wanting for nothing.

Your first concern when looking for a new place to live should be the security of the area, and Rochester will not disappoint. For starters, the condominium complex is within a residential zone that has low crime rates. In addition, a tall concrete fence encloses the entire compound, and there are cameras mounted in dozens of strategic areas. Besides the walls, gates, and cameras, there is also a team of professionally-trained security guards who are constantly patrolling the compound, making sure that there are no outsiders who managed to sneak inside the walls.

On a lighter note, the Rochester also provides its residents with top-class recreational facilities. On top of the list are the swimming pools. Unlike the other condominium complexes that only provide a small swimming pool that the residents have to share amongst themselves, the Rochester has a separate kiddie pool and an Olympic-sized pool. When the heat of the Philippine sun becomes too unbearable, you and your family can take a dip in the pools to cools yourself off. Alternatively, you can also swim a couple of quick laps every day to exercise.

Speaking of exercise, the Rochester also provides fitness facilities for its residents. If you have the habit of jogging or running a couple of kilometers before or after you go to the office, you can use the meandering jogging path that goes all around the compound. Aside from that, there is also a basketball or tennis court that you and your friends can use so you can have a good time while you break a sweat and get some of your much needed exercise. In case the weather is a bit dreary, you can still have a good workout because the Rochester has a fully-equipped gym and fitness center.

The Rochester did not forget about the children and their need for entertainment – that is the reason why there are several playgrounds complete with safe play equipment all over the place. The one that is probably the best among them all is that inside the mini park in the compound. Here, you can sit on a bench and clear your mind while looking at the lush green garden. In addition, you can keep an eye on your kid while he plays with the other children from the neighborhood.

Other amenities also include a 24-hour convenience store, a clubhouse with free Wi-Fi access for residents, a multi-purpose hall (for when you need a venue for your next big party), and there is also a nice lounge area and bar where you can sit back and relax after a particularly hard day at the office.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Basketball Court Convertible As Tennis Court
  • Children's Playground
  • Pocket Gardens
  • Jogging Path
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Clubhouse
  • Lounge Area With Bar
  • Gym & Fitness Center
  • Game area
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Convenience Shop
  • Business Center

The Rochester - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
One Bedroom ₱ 3,800,000 30 sqm
Two Bedroom + Balcony ₱ 5,900,000 37.8 sqm
Three Bedroom + Balcony ₱ 7,400,000 58 sqm

The Rochester - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 :
20% of Total Contract Price payable in 48 months
10% of Total Contract Price payable in 12 months, to start on Month 49
70% Turn over balance payable thru Bank Financing
Option 2 :
60% of Total Contract Price in 60 months
40% Turn over balance payable thru Bank Financing
Option 3 :
100% Payable in 60 months
Option 4 :
Cash payment with 10% discount
Option 5 :
50% Out right down payment with 8% discount on the down payment
50% Balance payable thru Bank Financing

Why You Should Invest In  The Rochester

Pre-selling status

This condo in Pasig City is currently on pre-selling stage where prices of units are in their bottom low. The Rochester San Joaquin Pasig is highly affordable, making it one of the most bullish residential developments to enter into an investment. Grab the chances of a lifetime with this offering of a lavish, yet affordable condo community at the heart of Pasig City. This investment will take you further one step ahead of anybody. You can live gloriously in your chosen unit or you can enter to a well-deserving rental option, whatever you want, you get.

Integration of high-rise and mid-rise condos

The Rochester Pasig is a collection of 2 high-rises (with 14 floors each tower) and 8 medium-rise towers (with 6 residential floors each tower) creating magnificent clusters of residential condo buildings with unique designs and modern architectural styles. Each tower has its own identity but each nurtures life for the better. Investing in this Empire East’s developed property is just like saving for the future of your children.

Best for lease out

As we have stated above, investing in the Rochester San Joaquin Pasig will bring you to more opportunities. You could either build your own Garden of Eden within this fantastic enclave with your family or make this paradise a lucrative business enterprise. Yes, you can rent out your unit to interested tenants wanting more of a serene place better and cheaper than a hotel. 

Several expats, transients, OFWs, young professionals, and other visitors of the city seek a place like the Rochester to stay at while they are in town to conduct business. You can rent out your unit long term or otherwise. The company’s Property Management Office (PMO) will assist you concerning this endeavor, and they will do the rest. You will be expecting a very lucrative amount monthly while you sit tight in the comfort of your home.

How To Buy

For many people, it's the biggest financial transaction they'll ever make. That's why doing it right the first time is so important. Sometimes, buying a real estate property can feel like a dizzying set of rules and regulations. Luckily, armed with the right knowledge and know-how, you can start realizing your homeowner dreams the fast, easy, way.

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